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Protests in France March 22, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in life, politics, travel.

Protests have been washing over France for the past few weeks. They have even hit Marseille, where I lived for two months last summer. Robert, a fellow I met while I was down there, is still there doing his post-doc and he has been taking some great pictures (one of which appears here). I really miss being there! I’d have loved to see some of this!

The basic issue is the new jobs law that the current PM has proposed — which allows companies to fire people under 25 years of age without cause at any time during their first two years of employment. This is the common tug of war between companies which want complete rule over the hiring and firing and the people who want some stability and the ability to live (ok, over simplified).



1. Aaron F. - March 22, 2006

Great photos! I love how the French word for “demonstration” is “manifestation”… as if the protesters are literally showing themselves against the new law. 🙂

2. gordonwatts - March 24, 2006

You should leave Robert a note on his Flickr account to let him know you liked the images!

3. Aaron F. - March 25, 2006

Ooh, good idea! I knew my lack of a Flickr account would come back to haunt me someday…

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