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Arctic Monkeys – Drugs & Rock and Roll March 20, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in life.

CIMG6354I’ve been here since last Monday evening. Almost a week now. It has been pretty intense. Except for lunch one afternoon I’ve been working from about 9am until 2 or 3am. I’ll write about why in a while (no big deal, sadly). Last night I finally managed to go out. The Arctic Monkeys played at the Metro in downtown Chicago. The show was sold out but some friends of mine had to back out at the last minute.

The opening band, Spinto, was actually really good. They put on a better performance than the Arctic Monkeys. I tried to buy a CD after the show, the shop was so full that I just wasn’t going to wait. I love the music the Arctic Monkeys play, but the drugs bit of Sex Drugs and Rock’n’Roll is definitely still alive (Sex was not in evidence, at least on stage). The lead singer was totally out of it. But the band was tight. They have only about 45 minutes of material on their first CD — and is pretty much all they played. A little disappointing; I was definitely ready for another 30 minutes of their rock. I can’t believe that is all they have for music.

Some random bits of (un)wisdom:

  • Why do promoters not allow cameras at a concert like this? How will I know I was actually there? This trend, which seems to be getting more and more common, really pisses me off.
  • I’m old. Or these band guys are really really young!
  • If you are going to spill beer do it on your friends. They won’t hit you quite as hard.
  • A two year old Motorola V600 works pretty well when drenched in beer.

Afterwards we went to anther (forgettable) band at the Double Door and then to a party. The party was a little weird: it was at some friends of mine’s house. I got there… and there must have been about 15 people having fun in the kitchen… but no friends. Turns out they had already gone to bed. We got a little out of control with the flower. If you really want to see how messy it got, you can see the complete set of pictures.



1. rich - March 30, 2006

Arctic Monkeys have been around for about twelve and a half minutes, hence the short set. In the UK they are held up as shining examples of the myspace generation DIY ethic, and the glorious future of bands circumventing the monolithic record industry. BUT are they in fact the first casualties of the hyperspeed 21st century globalised information age where bands become famous, burn out and are discarded before they have a chance to properly develop? And does this too-much exposure-too-fast principle apply to all celebrities these days?

Also, as a physicist, can you tell me what the heck is that stuff that you find stuck to your shoes the moring after you have seen some bands?

2. Homer - February 25, 2009

Arctic monkeys don’t do drugs, none the less they are still a good band

3. gordonwatts - February 25, 2009

Well, I’m not sure what they were doing that night — but they were waaaay out of it, or they were really good at faking it.

4. Homer - March 1, 2009

Nah it’s just his personality, he always looks like he’s totally smacked out. That just who he is, fucking coolest guy ever

5. aGGona - October 30, 2009

Odd, I saw them this past tour AND two years ago.
I am genuinely a HUGE fan. However, I was a little disappointed.
I did wonder what the hell he was on, and I guess smacked out!
Plus, I think that the quality of tunes has unfortunately downhill
and to smacktown.. 😦

6. Gordon Watts - October 30, 2009

Bummer! I have had high hopes for those guys… but you remind me – I should listen to their newer stuff and see how the recordings sound.

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