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Another View of India March 20, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in travel.

I was lucky enough to go to India a few weeks ago. Jovan, a Columbia Graduate student, went just the other week for Tulika & Kevin’s wedding — congratulations to them — and took some amazing photos. And he was able to stay a bit longer than I was, so he got out and explored — his pictures are much better than mine. And if you are curious what an Indian wedding looks like, these photos are a place to look! The tattoo’s on Tulika’s arms are amazing!



1. Kevin - March 22, 2006

Its true I am married and thanks for the congratulations. Apparently, my wedding vows included doing puja (prayers to various Hindu gods), avoiding “ill natured women”, and tending cattle properly. I intend to make sure that at least one of these vows remains unbroken. Oh, and they aren’t really tattoos (and certainly not tattoo’s – indicating that they belong to a particularly feisty dwarf on a magical island where you can live out your deepest fantasies) they are from henna which is a plant (some girls use it to dye there hair red) that is ground into a paste and applied on to the arms and feet in decorative patterns which then dries and absorbs into the skin. They come off in a week or so – if you remember to use soap.

2. Jessica - March 24, 2006

Awesome photos!

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