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Great Quote on NPR This Morning March 18, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in science.

As I was driving into Fermilab this morning I heard a great quote on NPR (I have to paraphrase from memory):

Scientists are doing what they usually do: hung some exciting new data out like a pinata and others are whacking away at it with the proverbial bat!

And the announcer went on to talk about the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker and the controversy surrounding a 4 second video tape taken of the bird — which was thought to be extinct. The problem is the video is pretty awful, so it is difficult to tell for sure what is going on. Unfortunately, the audio version of the story on the NPR web site doesn’t have that great intro line.

I love it — because it is such a great way to say one of the things that happens in good science: we get a result and we put it out there for everyone to hack away at. The result will either stand on its own. Or not. Free The Data! 😉

Yes. I’m staying in this Friday night. How did you guess?



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