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Leeroy Jenkins March 16, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in life.

I’d seen this posted in various internet forums — usually referring to someone who went off half-cocked. But I never knew where it came from. I stumbled on a new community site by Microsoft the other day and they had a little “report” describing now they name got started. The two women can be a little annoying sometimes, but they have video of exactly how it started which is too funny and worth the 5 minutes it takes to run (probably only in a Microsoft format).

Wikipedia entry, with complete transcription of the dialog. Don’t read this until after you listen to the above report: robs you of some of the humor. 

There is a website devoted to the Leeroy’s of the world: http://www.leeroyjenkins.net/

The WoW film posted on iFilm. Hard to understand unless you already know what is going on (or have seen the commentary in the report I mentioned above).



1. Matt Tilley - March 16, 2006

Yes, it was really quite the gaming meme for a while. It even made it onto Jeopardy – I think that’s probably a first from the MMORPG world. As for the humor value, I did almost fall out of my seat laughing the first time I saw it; it’s obviously a staged situation but well done. And I have played with some players like that.

Amazing that it’s moved out of the gaming community now.

2. hotkeys - March 18, 2006

Matt, how d’you know it was staged ? It didn’t seem staged to me.

3. Matt Tilley - March 19, 2006

For one, the organizers have admitted it was staged. Perhaps only a couple of the people in the group knew about it, but at least some did. What originally gave it away to me during the first listening was the quote like the following (paraphrased):

Person 1: “What do you calculate our chance of survival to be?”
Person 2: “Uhhh, I am getting a 33.33% chance of survival …. of course.”

When playing these games it is utterly absurd to think that one can calculate on a whim an exact chance of survival. I suppose you could write up an algorithm that takes into account the level of your characters relative to the mobs you’re encountering, character’s gear, the skill of the player behind the toon (a somewhat subjective quantity), server stability, number of enemies, how smart the AI is in the game, et cetera – but I think it would still show quite a large fluctuation even with a large dataset. While there are some really rabid number crunchers out there in the gaming forums, this is preposterous.

The previous paragraph is a moot point. When gaming in these MMOs, you have a solid idea of when you are in a dangerous area and typically it’s obvious whether or not you will survive. The developers take pains to give a rating system on the creatures you are fighting relative to your own group’s level.

That being said, I am still sitting here laughing from the internal replay of this video – in particular the audio portion.

4. Leeroy Jenkins Movie - June 25, 2006

Here’s a site dedicated to leeroy – http://www.leeroyjenkins.net – lotsa videos, wavs and a soundboard.

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