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Eat Chicken Now March 5, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in life.

I’ve been making the joke that everyone should order chicken while they still can. Reading a few articles on the plane I realize perhaps it isn’t really a joke. Chicken may be much more expensive in the near future. The Avian flu has already been seen in most of Europe and pretty much all of Asia. I’m not aware that it has landed in the USA, but I think I saw reports of it in Canada (I can’t find a link to those, so I may be ms-remembering). I can’t be long before it hits here, and if it gets into the chicken farms…

Usually I get a chuckle as a response, but every now and then I get the more scary "huh? What do you mean?" reply.



1. Julia Schwarz - March 6, 2006

The real thing you should do is invest in chicken stocks…or buy a few chickens of your own. Production cost of chickens shouldn’t increase, but I bet the prices will a lot. On the other hand, demand might go down…So perhaps short the stock instead? Ah, this is why the stock market is confusing. So many pros and cons!

2. Estelle Heron - March 7, 2006

Firstly, there have been no reports of avian flu in Canada yet; but as in US, it’s just a matter of time. Secondly, media focus has been on the prospect of avian flu mutating to become transmissible among humans, leading to a world pandemic. However, have seen no reports about what might happen to wild bird populations? Have you? I have no doubt that humans can meet the challenge of a pandemic, and they will protect and/or regenerate domestic bird groups. There’ll always be chickens. But will there always be blue birds? Love, Pat

3. Gordon Wayne Watts - March 8, 2006

You wrote: “Eat Chicken Now…I’ve been making the joke that everyone should order chicken while they still can.”

Gordon, if you feed people directly from fruits and vegetables, you get 100% of their caloric energy, but, if you feed animals (chickens, cows, etc.), then some of the energy is lost in the production of bones, gristle, feathers, etc.

As a physicist, you understand the inefficiency of energy transfer, and, I recall you are liberal in your politics, so I suppose you would agree with my assessment that veganism/vegetarianism is preferred.

While I am conservative, I try to be a vegan, as most research holds it healthier. (However, this is a mere segue to my main point.)

I would like to make sure that my personal website, http://GordonWatts.com is accurate and complete in its description of other Gordon Watts’. When you get a chance, could you take a look? Thanks! (I hope I painted you in an accurate light on my website.)

Gordon Wayne Watts, the biologist and chemist from Lakeland

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