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Why Am I Here? March 4, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in physics life, travel.

I’m at Fermilab/Chicago this half week — I had an exam scheduled for today (Friday). I used that as an excuse to flee to Fermilab to work on some research.

But what have I done in the two days I’ve been here? Nothing but University related things. I’ve managed to do almost nothing having to do with analysis! I’ve written letters of reference, worked on the exam that was given this morning, setup/attended meetings back in Seattle, work with students back at UW. Research? Nope! I came out here to accomplish a few well defined tasks and in two days I’ve not really even been able to start on them!



1. paula - March 4, 2006

ha! you set up and attended meetings back here in Seattle? obviously a well-planned trip! you are lucky I am not the suspicious type. 😉

2. gordonwatts - March 4, 2006

ha! Which one of us is going to be gone for two weeks starting a week from this Monday?

Oh. Wait. Right. That would be both! 😉

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