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Only In France… March 1, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in physics life.

I woke up to an email from the sole speaker at a meeting I was to attend this morning:

OK I coud slip into the campus dispite the strike which is still ongoing (the students prevent all possibilities to enter). See you in a few minutes.

Sure enough. Here in the US usually you just have to dodge snow or bad weather!



1. Robert Cudmore - March 5, 2006

Hey Gordon,

I think your collegue was talking about the recent protest of scientists and not about the protest against the bill that allows companies to fire workers in the first 2 years if they are under 26. I have yet to determine the rational behind the science protest.

Was it at Luminy where the collegue could not get into the building? All was calm at Hospital Norde.

2. Robert Cudmore - March 5, 2006
3. ursula - March 9, 2006

Hi there,
no, the issue is actualy about students being on strike and blocking the University in order to protest against a new law which would allow to fire young people more easliy (and according to the government to hire them more easily) and more generaly they may be on strike, because it’s been quite some time, and why not now? are we not all somewhat frustrated?

French politics is a complicated cocktail made of the people who elected the government and the street, well stired up by the media.

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